Why is WeChat Conference Important for Business?

WeChat conferences are designed for decision-makers from marketing, advertising, media backgrounds to discuss the latest trends in WeChat marketing, eCommerce, customer support, and how to implement them.

A WeChat conference in London gets to see the most dynamic WeChat experts, consultants, technology vendors, digital marketers, and other dignitaries from across UK and China.

The event empowers you with China’s marketing and eCommerce expertise and paves the way for executing digital marketing campaigns in China efficiently.

Read on to find out in detail why attending a WeChat conference is important for your business. 

You get to listen to some outstanding speakers

A WeChat conference in London is attended by company founders, chief marketing officers, managers, chief brand officers, marketing strategists, social media managers, developers, creative directors, representatives of local, regional, and national brands. These people speak on diverse topics and share their success stories with you.

When they focus on WeChat marketing, eCommerce, and cross-border business, their insights can help you activate your business in the Chinese market without difficulties.

You may get to hear Allen Zhang speak, Tencent’s low-key executive who built WeChat. You will get a first-hand experience of how successful people speak and carry themselves. The oratory skills of the speakers will be on display.

There is a great potential for learning

You can learn a lot from a WeChat conference. If your business is based in the UK and you are planning to explore the Chinese market, the first thing you need is solid information to base your decisions on.

The internet is where you generally look for information. But the problem with some articles on the net is that one or two people who have the know-how write about a topic and other writers base their writings on their articles.

So, you may find that in some cases the same information is being repeated while you are unable to find an answer to a particular question that you have in mind. This problem is particularly acute in the case of articles related to digital marketing in China as it is not an English speaking country.

For example, it can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon of WeChat Mini Programs and KOLs without understanding the basics of WeChat marketing.

A WeChat conference offers brands not yet present in China the opportunity for a back to basics WeChat marketing education and a well-needed refresher for some of the industry’s giants.

You will understand where you are getting stuck and what you need to do to ensure a better ROI. You will know about the scams you need to look out for and clear any misconceptions that you may be having.

You can ask questions in the interactive sessions or speak personally with the speakers and other professionals.

You will get to hear the big announcements first hand

In a WeChat conference, announcements are made regarding changes to the platform, new features, and insights on how users are using the platform.

It was in a conference that WeChat unveiled Mini Programs in 2017.

When a tip war between Apple and WeChat was the talk of the town, it was announced in a conference in 2018 that Tencent had reached an understanding with Apple and that they would reintroduce the ‘tip’ feature for iOS device users in China.

In the same conference, it was also announced that WeChat would become a mobile gaming platform.

In a conference in 2019, Allen Zhang announced that productivity would be WeChat’s holy grail and that he intended to make user sessions ‘short and efficient’.

And in the 2020 conference, WeChat mapped out its plan to step up monetization within WeChat to stimulate more business transactions.

Offers great networking opportunities

A WeChat conference has networking breaks where you can chat with people and can find partners and investors. It will make you feel good interacting with all these professionals over lunch or with a cup of tea in your hand. You will be more motivated than ever before.


With digital advertising expected to overtake traditional advertising by 2022, there will be significant opportunities for overseas companies looking to tap into China’s eCommerce growth. A WeChat conference in London will put you on the right track.