Three Good Reasons to Use Baidu for SEM

While China still has a long way to go before it achieves the high Internet penetration seen in other developed countries, the rapid rate at which the Chinese Internet space is expanding is unprecedented and promises huge economic dividends to businesses that can successfully harness its potential. If you are thinking of tapping the Chinese market, partnering with Baidu is an absolute must. Here are three good reasons why using Baidu SEM ( for promotional purposes is likely to benefit your business:

Baidu has an Extensive Reach

Over 800 million people in China use Baidu. The name Baidu, incidentally, comes from a Song dynasty poem and translates to hundreds and thousands of times. In the context of the ancient poem, it stands for search for the ideal as many times, and the idea works well in the context of a modern-day search engine as well.

It is the country’s biggest search engine and can handle over 3.3 billion queries per day. That is far more than what Google handles on a daily basis, and Baidu also easily outpaces the other search engines in China. To meet the diverse and growing needs of the Chinese population, Baidu is constantly innovating and developing products and solutions for regular users as well as businesses, and, as a result, is gaining even more users.

Given that eight out of ten Chinese use Baidu, this isn’t a search engine that you can afford to ignore if you want your business to gain visibility and traction in China. By incorporating Baidu’s products and solutions in your marketing, you can increase your visibility standing in the Baidu search results. And that will allow you to get your services out there before people who can benefit from them the most.

Baidu has a High Trust Factor

This is a search engine with a very high trust factor in China, and that will overflow to you if they list your business in their search results. Since Baidu thoroughly vets all the businesses it includes in its paid search lists, your inclusion will indicate to the Chinese users that your business is legitimate and above board. As a result, they won’t hesitate to click on your brand advertisements.

And if you’ve done a good job of crafting your advertisements and making them appealing to the target audience, you will get a flood of interested customers. Going a step forward, if the quality of your services exceeds your advertisement promises, you will gain satisfied customers that might even develop brand loyalty for your business.

Baidu can Help You to Strengthen Your Brand Image

To become a household name in China, it is essential that you consistently market your brand and reiterate its selling points to a wide yet targeted audience. Baidu SEM will help you to do this with its pay per click (PPC) advertising system. To get on board with this, you must open a Baidu PPC account and bid on a list of high-demand keywords relevant to your industry. You can then use these keywords in your marketing campaign to create clickable advertisements on a weekly or monthly basis, targeting specific age groups, interests, locations, and more. You can integrate advertising banners, videos, social links, and more in your search engine advertisements.

Baidu will generally display these advertisements prominently above its organic search results. By using artificial intelligence to review people’s click-histories and locations, it can also detect potential customers for you and shows your advertisements in their search feeds.

Of course, the exact advertisement positioning is largely dependent on whether your business has a high rating on the Baidu Trust Score and the Baidu Quality Score. Baidu calculates these scores by assessing if your business is complying with Chinese laws, is offering something of value to the Chinese consumers, and is creating appealing, truthful advertisements that lead to a well-designed landing page with relevant content. Every time someone clicks on one of these advertisements, you pay Baidu an initially agreed amount.

Along with helping you launch advertising campaigns to promote your business in China, Baidu SEM lets you track their viability and make the appropriate tweaks so that the targeted traffic to your website will translate to increased sales.