Essential WeChat Marketing Tips for Your Business

As per recent statistics, Tencent had announced the number of active users on WeChat had crossed the mark of 1 billion making it one of the popular social media platforms in China. If you want to establish your brand in China market, WeChat is a great marketing platform to start with.

To make things easy for you, we have shared a few tips offered by the WeChat marketing agency that can help you reach Chinese consumers more easily.

Create Quality Content

On the WeChat platform, many leading brands have personal accounts that Chinese people follow by subscribing and becoming a member of their network. Having a verified account is necessary for brands as it means the WeChat network recognizes the account officially, and it shares high-quality useful content to subscribers.

Once you have a verified brand account on the WeChat platform, use it to share high-quality content with text messages, audio, images, and videos for the followers and fans. For example, a leading speaker brand shares a daily playlist of popular songs from different countries. This allows followers to know and enjoy international music.

Develop Loyalty Programs

WeChat offers you tools like “Loyalty programs” to convert followers into members. You can use a marketing strategy for your business that creates loyalty programs using geo-location services to locate consumers and offer promotional offers to them. You can market your brand to WeChat members in three different ways.

  • Give e-coupons that can be redeemed in offline stores
  • Send promotions
  • Offers a VIP card through WeChat app

A leading personal care store “Watson,” sends promotional offers to Chinese consumers through their WeChat app. Chinese consumers can also send their location to the brand through the WeChat app that enables the Watson personal care store to send discount codes that can be redeemed at nearby physical Watson store.

Try QR Code Marketing

QR codes are popular with Chinese audiences. Leading brands in China use a QR code marketing strategy to engage their customers and drive online too offline sales. Businesses use QR codes to offer discounts and contest rewards to retain customers.

Scanning a QR code can directly take the customer to the brand’s WeChat webpage. WeChat creates a QR code for your brand and also offers a built-in QR code scanner. You can customize the QR code to align its look with your brand logo or image.

QR codes can be used for customer engagement, marketing, and advertising. This flexibility allows you to use QR codes in different marketing channels and even in physical stores.

Use Mini Programs

WeChat Mini programs are sub-applications within the WeChat platform that don’t need to be downloaded or installed on the user device. Mini programs are quite popular in the china market, and these applications offer good traction to brands. 87% of users spend more than $30 every month through Min programs.

A reputed WeChat marketing agency will help you design Mini programs that add value to your marketing strategy by helping advance online to offline transactions.  These programs connect Chinese consumers with brands in more practical ways.  Mini programs have a standardized structure and few restrictions that allow brands to offer an all-inclusive service to Chinese consumers that translate into faster sale promotions. Here are some useful stats of Mini programs.

  • In 2018, more than 580,000 Mini programs were created that attracted more than 170 million daily active users.
  • Mini programs cover more than 200 service sectors
  • In 2018, more than 12 Mini programs had more than 1 million daily active users.

Launch Creative Campaigns

Campaigns are a great way to connect with your customers.  There are various ways to launch creative campaigns, like in the form of storytelling to voting.  Launching a campaign with incentives helps attract more followers to your WeChat company account.

Creative campaigns can help the brand reach specific audiences easily and give the company more opportunities to convert customer engagement into direct sales. The more creative campaign you create, the higher the possibility of customer engagement. Also, greater customer engagement makes it easy for the consumers to become loyal to your brand.

Remember, WeChat could be a great ROI-driven social media platform provided you partner with a right  WeChat marketing agency.